Proceeding from the bark of the tree with the same name, which is only possible to find in Angola, in the forests of Cabinda.

100% Natural aphrodisiac, without manipulation or mixtures, excellent for Men and Women.

The authentic and genuine Pau de Cabinda Tea, with an almost immediate synergic effect, acts in a complex form on the sexual physiology, powerful aphrodisiac (for frigidity and impotence problems), etimulant and revigorante super-fort (atony and sexual asthenia).

Erection : In view of its action as a vasodilator on the blood vessels it will Increase blood irrigation in genitals wich will stimulate longer and harder erecions.

Sexual Desire : Increse of sexual desire due to the product action on psychosomatic level.

Female Orgasm : When used by women not only the aphrodisiac will increase sexual desire as it will also improve sensibility in the genitals and by consequence stimulate Female Orgasm in a more efective way.


Sexual impotence
Erectile dysfunction from the penis
Sexual feminine frigidity
Age and effect of the illnesses in the sexuality

Its effect varies individually, having situations where it manifest almost an immediate activity and in other cases the activity is registered some time after. This product can be sold without medical prescription.

"... I affirm that he changed our lives total!..."
"... It was the perfect solution for me and my wife..."
"... I alive recommend to the use of the tea Pau Cabinda..."
"... felt me sexually active as when he was new.."

It is of our responsibility to guarantee on the product that we commercialize, provenience and quality. With you, we desire to establish a mutual confidence for your purchases, in our shop, can be simple and safe. We are confident that we will deserve your confidence.


Place the corresponding content of a soup spoon, in ½ liter of cold water and leave to boil during 3 minutes. After 5 minutes of infusion, filter the tea and drink a cup 1 hour before the desired effect, for person. The approach weight of 10gr, gives approximately an amount of 3,5 liters of Tea.
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